Importance of Office Layout

Importance of Office Layout

We know when you’re moving or renovating your offices there can seem like an overwhelming multitude of tasks that don’t seem to be getting smaller. There are certain steps in planning & organising your office space in order for it to reach its full potential. These shouldn’t be missed as they can play a vital part in the productivity and functionality of your offices. We’ve put together a small guide for you to understand the importance of office layout, and why you should have an office layout plan before you make any final decisions about moving or renovating your work space.

Noise Control
Noise is one of the most common complaints raised by employees working in an office setting, more so in an open office surrounding where there is little or no separation. Soundproofing your office & meeting rooms is important when thinking about noise pollution for your staff. This is usually more common in an open office layout plan, however, the placement of noisy elements (machines, furniture, staff) can ultimately reflect on the overall productivity of your office.


Making sure your desks and machines are set out in the right way in order to be in natural light is an increasing trend (or some may say ‘must have’) in the office environment. Studies show natural light increases productivity and happiness within the work place.. So, making sure you have enough of it filtering in through throughout the day, whilst also ensuring that the glare is not hitting your staffs’ screens, is integral to having the perfect office layout plan.

Ergonomic Consideration

Health and well-being plays a somewhat vital role in the workplace Access to reports about how chairs can cause you back pain, along with social media conversations on the rise with complaints about posture problems, having the correct workspace layout for your body is now more important than ever. Factors to take into consideration when thinking about ergonomic layout of the furniture in your office.

– Chairs – need to be comfortable, adjustable depending on who sits on it, and have correct back support.Desks – Keyboard and mouse set up on a desk should be central to your plans. They should be at a height where using them does not cause your elbows or wrists to be bent at an awkward angle.
– Desks – Keyboard and mouse set up on a desk should be central to your plans. They should be at a height where using them does not cause your elbows or wrists to be bent at an awkward angle.
– Monitor – this factor also relates to strategic lighting placement, as reduced glare can help increase concentration. The ‘correct’ height is when the centre of the screen sits just below eye level.

Intelligent Arrangement of Desks
Where you put your staff and how you use the space you are in is essential to a well-functioning office. You need to take into consideration everything from placement of your individual staff members to looking at the bigger picture of laying out desks in accordance to job roles. Also the trend of standing desks is now at large in many modernised offices.

Open Office Layout
The open office layout has been largely popular as creatives and analytical thinkers began immersing themselves in each-others work spaces. However, you always need to think about the type of business you have before you decide on an open or private office layout plan, as this can have a huge effect on the dynamics of your office. Do your staff need to collaborate & be in the same space as each other? Or are you just unsure how to lay them out so one big space seems like the convenient option?

A badly thought about office layout plan can cause unnecessary tension and stress between staff, DESK can help you consider every element for either a new office fit out or for renovation of your current space. Get in touch with us for help & support about your office layout plan.

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