Improving Office Productivity with Creative Design

Improving Office Productivity with Creative Design

Some simple tips have been proven to encourage a more productive office through improving employee morale and wellbeing. By incorporating these small tweaks when designing your new office not only can you foster a more creative environment, but you’ll attract better talent thanks to an improved environment – after all, who wouldn’t want to work in a great office?

The importance of colour, comfort, light and greenery can’t be ignored in a world where offices increasingly cease to exist in favour of remote working. A well designed office can still empower employees and produce fantastic work; however business owners now have to work harder than ever on their space to make sure it is up to scratch.

Take a look below at some of our tips for creating a more productive office.


Natural Light

Endless studies have proven that natural light is a key player in productivity in the office. It has been shown that those who work with large quantities of sunlight could improve sales by at least 3% and as much as 40%. Not only does it help the business function, it also improves stress levels and has positive impacts on the circadian system of staff members.

Room with a View

Staff who have a view of outside space have been shown to be up to 25% more productive in the office. It has been thought that this could be due to the natural light coming into the office and also gives workers a chance to take their eyes from the screen for a while.


Natural Light


Bringing the outdoors in has been shown to increase office productivity by a whopping 15 percent! Plants help focus and improve the air quality in the office, which also leads to less absence from members of staff. These little pieces of nature also bring personality to your office and make it aesthetically pleasing. There are lots of options when it comes to adding greenery, from table top and floor standing varieties to impressive green walls.

green spaces

Sync with your Senses

Studies have been proven to show that the colour of your office really can have an impact on your productivity. If office walls are smeared with drab colours, such as beige, grey and white it has been proven to induce feelings of sadness and depression among workers.

Whereas, bright colours such as blue, green, yellow and red have positive connotations and therefore boost workplace morale. For an example, blue is commonly used in offices as it is said to engrain a sense of trust and loyalty among staff members, whilst releasing a calming feeling.

When designing your office these factors could come in handy, so why not take these on board? It may not only increase your productivity, but it also will make your office look fresher and cooler. If you need help with designing & planning your office, our expert team can help – feel free to get in touch today, or pop in for a cuppa.


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