Jenna officially joins the family

Jenna officially joins the family

I am so thrilled that Jenna has officially become a Director of Workspace aswell as our sister company Re:Work.

It’s sometimes hard to go it alone. I realised after a tough old time and turning things around post covid, that it was time to bring in fresh ideas and perspectives, as well as energy. But mostly, for me, as the business owner and founder, it also about having someone I trust and respect to help share ideas and thoughts, pushing the business forward ‘together’.

Jenna has been in post as Commercial Director for just over a year now, and has officially taken the role of Director, looking to take the business to the next level. She will head up Sales and Commercials for Workspace Furniture & Design, helping to create beautiful, inspiring office spaces that are good for people and the planet.

Jenna and I have worked together before, we’ve also played football together before – that’s how we met! I like to think I spotted her raw talent, I mean I would say that wouldn’t I? But here’s the thing, you can’t always tell somethings going to work out, but I could definitely see that Jenna had potential in the way that her values align with hard work and honesty. Anyone who knows Jenna knows she’s an open book, fun and laughter and a massive sense of professionalism to do things right and get it right for people.

Caroline Wherritt

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