Maximise your space: small office layout and design tips

Maximise your space: small office layout and design tips

Whether you’re looking to make the most of a small office layout for four desks, or an even dinkier design for two workers, this article will share practical and creative interior design ideas for more compact workspaces. We’ll cover the importance of utilising minimalist design, adjustable furniture, multi-purpose areas, lighting considerations, utilising walls and shelving, storage ideas, and other genuinely useful tips.

1 – Embrace minimalism in your design scheme

Utilising minimalism will give a small office a greater sense of space, which in turn will create a sense of calm. Using light colours will add to this effect, and will help the light bounce around creating a vibrant environment. Using gloss finishes on your furniture will also increase this effect while making the office look and feel modern.

2 – Cut the clutter

It goes without saying that the less clutter you have around your office the more space you will have, so look to go digital wherever possible. Use a digital notebook so there aren’t a lot of pens and paper lying around. And you can do away with space-taking cabinets by storing all documents digitally, they will also be easier to find this way!

3 – Multi function is the way forward

When you are working with a small office space it’s a good idea to consider furniture that is multifunctional and creating areas that can be used for several purposes. An informal meeting area can double up as a space for staff to take a well earned break or a large table can be for more formal meetings and a space for people to eat their lunch together, which also encourages collaboration within the team too.  On the furniture front, think about storage that can also double up as room dividers or privacy screens and chairs that look good and are also ergonomically sound. Take a look at some of our multifunctional solutions here.

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4 – Look up

Don’t just think about the floor plan when you are planning your office layout, optimise storage by utilising the height of the walls. By fixing shelving or storage units that are raised off the floor, you can create some great opportunities for adding some softer touches like plants to your design scheme as well as lots of storage options and keeps the floor space free.  Wall hung coat hooks rather than something that is floor standing will also do the same.

5 – Let there be light

Use natural lighting to your advantage by positioning desks near windows where possible. Natural light can also make a space feel more open and airy so, if you can, avoid window coverings that block this out. If it’s an issue, you can get window films that will let light in but not the glare of the sun.  If you’re not lucky enough to have oodles of light from lovely big windows, then bright, energy-efficient lighting is available. As are some really sexy looking task lights that can be clipped to the side of a shelf or table rather than taking up much needed desk space.

So when it comes to office design, regardless of the size of the office and the number of workers you have, there are lots of tricks of the trade you can use to make that space a better space for you and your team.

If you need more small office inspiration then get in touch and let us help you out.

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