The Perfect Ergonomic Chair

The Perfect Ergonomic Chair

When looking for the perfect chair, we often hear the term ergonomic, but what does it mean? By definition, it means ‘designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment’.

So let’s explore this further…

The significance of choosing the right seating in an office might not be something we notice until our body starts to tell us, example, the difference between working on a wooden dining chair or an ergonomic office chair for long hours is very noticeable.

In today’s climate, many of us could have been unprepared to work from home, and you might not have an ergonomic chair. There are several reasons we should consider picking the right office chair, whether that is for a co-working space or home office environment.

Although our taste might be different, the following factors are worth taking into consideration:

Quality: should be durable as it is used on a daily basis ( you might be sitting for 8 hours). So look for chairs with longer guarantees like 5 years.
Comfort and support: better support means better health; not having a good posture reduces focus, making overall work performance dip, having an overall effect on our mental state as well
Adjustable: as every user needs to feel like the chair was designed for them, customisation is very important; the more you can adjust the chair, the more you’ll get something to feel supportive and comfortable.
Aesthetic & Functionality: its important the chair fits into the environment that its placed in, with a wide range of fabric choices available, you should be able to create the right look for the room.

Our Chair Showroom here at Workspace has a wide variety of office chairs that you can ‘try before you buy’, with a variation of Mesh and Fabric options to test out. Please get in touch if you want to come and visit our showroom

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