Top Tips to a Healthy Workspace

Top Tips to a Healthy Workspace

Is your workspace sabotaging your health?


We’ve teamed up with Ryan Snell at Unstoppabl. An amazing 1-2-1 Coaching Professional, helping people look great, feel confident and live healthy.

Together with his Business Partner Nick Johnston-Davis, The Unstoppabl Team Transform Lives with Personal Coaching and Workplace Wellbeing Solution. Here Ryan has given his top 6 tips for Workplace Health and how to stop it sabotaging your health.

Ryan’s 6 tips to improve it:

1. Invest in a sit stand desk

Back pain, short hit flexors, lazy glutes…

Are all common when we’re sat down for long periods of time.

Not a recipe for your best life.

This helps improve the above as well as your posture, and burn more calories! (and of course we can supply these – check them out here!)

2. Proper Lighting

Do your eyes hurt? Do you get headaches?

Natural light is best -> sitting near a window

If not -> daylight lamps can be a good alternative.

3. Declutter

A cluttered desk leads to stress.

Stress leads to being less productive, poor food choices, and poor health.

Get rid of it or get some organisers.

How do you feel when you have a tidy workspace?

4. Plants

They remove toxins from the air and make it cleaner and more breathable.

5. Keep water in sight

Out of sight out of mind…

And you’ll get to the end of the day having had one glass of water wondering why you have a headache.

Keep a water bottle on your desk at all times.

You’ll feel better, have more focus, energy and so much more.

6. Move regularly

Getting up to look out the window, going outside for a couple of minutes, or walking around the office…

Will do wonders for your creativity, performance and health.

We spend a large portion of our lives working…

Making sure it works with our health not against it is so important.

What do you do to create a healthy work environment that we haven’t mentioned here?

Transforming Lives With Personal Coaching and Workplace Wellbeing Solution

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