What is Office Space Planning?

What is Office Space Planning?

Interior design is made up of numerous aspects, the most important being space planning.

Whether the designer is designing within a new build or an existing build, to be able to meet those needs and requirements from the client means space planning is a crucial element.  The space of a building, or even a single room, acts as a blank canvas upon which the whole interior design plan is built. The designer must be fully aware of the available space, the full dimensions, and utilities, to be able to fully maximise the potential of the space, and the client’s needs and requirements.

There are different types of space, which are made up of both positive and negative spaces. A room or building with furniture and décor items already existing is known to be a positive space, and those with nothing inside of them are the negative spaces.


Space planning must start with a detailed study of how the space is going to be used so the designer can plan accordingly. Once the plan has been drawn up, the designer will define the zones within the space they’re working with. The zones will allocate areas in which activities, or certain parts of the design will be contained.

The customer journey is a study within itself, and an important detail in space planning. The designer will map out the customer’s journey onto the plan, making sure the route is efficient and the most appropriate. The journey can be defined to the customer not only by signs, but also by how the furniture and décor is placed, and the materials used.

Whilst planning, the designer can select key parts of the existing design to edit. The decision on whether to keep, take away, or build new walls will help create new journeys and zones, ultimately producing the desired atmosphere.

Space planning is an integral plan of interior design as a whole, and to make a design complete and faultless takes time and research. These plans are the foundation upon which the job is built, with construction contractors and any other important individuals using them to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Caroline W

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