Heart Radio

Workspace was brought in to discuss & propose concept designs with the Heart Radio sales office, the Client wanted to reflect the brand, whilst keeping the space open and collaborative, but allowing the small space to give lots of functionality and absorb the sounds.

One of the main areas we worked on was the reception area, where we utilised hanging acoustic panels from the ceiling giving an illusion of space but separating it from the noisier office area. Plumping for a high back statement two seater sofa in the brand colours of Red and Grey. Also putting low storage units for tea and coffee facilities as well as hiding away any stationary and documentation.

They wanted to create a separate meeting area, and also have a couple of desks where people could make calls and not disturb the rest of the team. However they didn’t want to put walls or divide the area permanently, so we used furniture such as a 4 person booth with a table, and two acoustic desk booths.

By using lots of dense fabric furniture, we would be able to dampen the noise made by the various areas being used, but also create an aesthetically pleasing office space.

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