Commercial Space Design & Planning

When designing or redesigning a workspace, planning is key. Effective space planning allows all possibilities to be carefully considered and provides a solid foundation to work from.

Space design considerations
Firstly, we establish the demands of your office and the kind of working environment you’d like to provide for your employees. Whether you’re a digital agency requiring a hybrid workspace to enable collaboration or a training establishment aiming to stimulate conversation with pops of colour, we consider your daily tasks and how your employees work together to ensure the optimal office layout and workplace furniture.

Interior design considerations
We also explore how our interior design can reflect your company values, branding and desired atmosphere, asking for any examples of offices or workspaces you feel influenced by. Perhaps you’re looking to recreate the cosy feeling of home at work, or want to bring the outside in with environmentally conscious biophilic design. In need of some inspiration? Visit our showroom to test out our posture seating and commercial office space design setups.

How we bring your vision to life
Once we’re crystal clear on your aspirations for the space and how it will be used, we create detailed 2D or 3D models using specialist software. From there, we’ll work out the best flow and structure for the project, removing any hassle and ensuring everything flows smoothly and efficiently. Our expert team will guide you through the whole process, answering any questions you might have.

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